Stress Management TechniquesSome of the techniques listed below are very effective methods in dealing with stress.  A lot of the techniques can be practiced without any assistance. Some require another person to control the stress. Stress management techniques will work efficiently if the patient agrees to learn certain limit and to negate the demands that others will make.An example of an effective stress management technique is autogenic training. This is a relaxation technique that was invented in 1932 by German psychiatrist Johannes Schultz. This technique involves repeating a set of visualizations and positioning himself according to that visualization. The position of a person is chosen among a set of relaxing postures. Autogenic training can be done to treat stress induces psychosomatic disorders.Another common stress management technique is cognitive therapy. This psychotherapy technique was developed by in the 1960s by Aaron Beck.  The aim of cognitive therapy is to change distorted or unrealistic ways of thinking.

Stress Management Techniques

By doing so, the technique can influence motion and behavior to alleviate stress. Progressive relaxation is another excellent stress management technique. This technique focuses on relaxing muscles tension. The person first sits on a chair and lies down on a mat or bed. When he is in a relaxed position, he begins to relax each muscle group in his body, starting with head up to the toes. As he practices more regularly, he can skip various muscle groups that are not needed.

Exercise is one stress management technique that is often overlooked but is very effective. Exercise strengthens the body and its systems, making it more resistant to stress related diseases. Also, exercise allows a person to improve his focus in life. This focus can help him cope up with stress.

Finally, squeezing stress balls is one of the simplest stress management techniques of all. It involves squeezing soft toy balls in one’s hands. It releases muscle tension in the hand and can help in reducing stress.

Although a lot of stress management techniques can be practiced with out any help, it is always advisable to get an expert opinion to discover which one will suit you or your particular situation.