Emotional StressEmotional stress can happen to anyone, especially when he experiences painful, life altering events that affect his emotions such as closing a relationship, a divorce, the death of a loved one, a crisis in the family or a very trying day in the office. Have you ever experienced getting sick or injured during or just at the end of recovering from a painful divorce? You have managed to pull yourself together during the crises. Then when you try to calm down and relax a little, your lower back is attacked with horrible pain, you get a migraine or you come down with flu. These are the effects of emotional stress.We acknowledge that in this fast paced world, we cannot avoid emotional stress. However, it does not have to make you sick. When going through these trying periods, it is important to remember a few things to reduce emotional stress and to maintain good health.When you are in this situation, you need to realize that you are in a time of transition. That means it is a time to analyze and asses your physical and mental strengths and use them. This is not a period where you will have to simply hope for the best. You have to use your faith, insights, coping abilities or sense of humor to get through this.

Emotional Stress And Strength

Why do we emphasize on using your strengths? That’s because they are the qualities that are part of what makes you unique. They play an essential role on maintaining your physical health.

The second important thing to do that should help you in dealing with emotional stress is to look for professionals. Chiropractors and other hands on professionals are a good example. Try different professionals and experience different techniques until you find the right ones for you.

Remember that when you are in emotional stress and you are experiencing extreme anxiety and depression, your nervous system is overloaded with. Just like an electrical system, your nervous system can only handle so much before it breaks down. Since the nervous system controls our actions, verbal responses, blood pressure, immune responses and other physiological functions, a breakdown will result in injury. An impaired nervous system also results in an impaired immune system. With an inefficient immune system, a person who has emotional stress is more susceptible to colds, flu and other diseases.And finally, by living a healthy lifestyle you can take care of yourself as well. Proper diet, regular exercise, positive mental and physical work, good recreation and hands-on healing work can strengthen your body. If you do all these things, dealing with emotional stress would be much easier for you.