Stress free mind is very important in a person’s life. When the stress is triggered, the body would enter into fight or flight response. This is designed so that an individual can take correct decision in a situation. Stress is helpful only when it happens at correct time but when you feel this day after day then it is sure that your body would get worse effects.

Immune system

effects by stressStress affects the immune system in a person. Immune system is which prevents you from being affected from various ailments and infections but when this is affected you would be prone to more health issues like cold and flu.

Sexual issues

When you keep on experiencing stress not only your body but even your mind gets disturbed. A person starts to lose desire in sex. A man’s testosterone level starts to drop to a greater extent if he is not able to come out of this fight or flight response. So, this would ultimately pave way even for erectile dysfunction.

The fertility rate is also affected. Women tend to have missed menstrual cycles.

Respiratory and cardiovascular issues

During stress, you tend to breathe faster so the oxygen is sent to different parts of the body quickly. Heart has to pump harder to achieve this as a result causes blood pressure in you. People who already have asthma or any breathing problems would find it difficult to breathe.

When this continues, the heart becomes very weak thus increasing the risk of stroke.

Digestive system disorder

Under constant stress, liver starts to produce high blood sugar levels. So this would automatically lead to diabetes.

Increase of hormones, rush in breathing and heart rate would definitely have a severe impact on the digestive system.

This would not allow the food to be digested properly and causes constipation or diarrhea. Apart from this, it would also cause heart burn due to the increase in the stomach acid.

Issues in muscular system

The muscles would tense up once you feel stressed. But after that it would get relaxed. Individuals who are constantly on stress would not be able to relax the muscles at all. Due to this they would suffer from body pain, shoulder pain and headache.

In general, excessive stress would not allow a person to get enough sleep. The body would be put in restless and excited state. So, it is difficult for a person to be in a relaxed state thus he or she develops insomnia.

Abnormal skin conditions also occur in people with excessive stress. You have to know that stress will be the base which triggers so many issues in the body. When you get affected by a medication’s condition it would automatically pave way for another one.

Do exercise or meditate and take up certain measures so that you can keep the stress in control. You can very well get help from a healthcare professional also and you can lead a happy as well as healthy life.